Signature Series Drawer Systems

What are the Signature Series Drawer Systems?

Our Signature Series is our range of most popular standard drawer systems. This series is our most refined suite of drawers that provides the best value for money. 

The Signature Series is just for 4WD wagons and utes so if that’s the car you currently own, here’s where it’s recommended you start looking.

All of these drawer systems 

When you only need one drawer or you need to keep one side of your tub or boot free, this is for you

Classic lightweight two drawer system offers ample storage space and maintains a nice flat surface on top

These are a great dual purpose system. Two large drawers with a fridge slide that’s flush to maintain a flat deck when you dont need the fridge

If you need two drawers but fridge height is a concern, this system is perfect for you

​Everything is low and accessible but still offers plenty of storage space. You can add an infill panel or fridge surround to make this setup even more versatile

If you need to keep the fridge as low as possible but also need maximum storage space, this is the ideal solution

Want to keep your fridge in your car all the time and still have a nice flat surface on top? This is perfect for camping or day trips or even just getting the shopping!

This package is based on the fridge slide and drawer and comes complete with the fridge surround, infill panel and wing kit. It’s one of the best value systems we offer

Quality Australian custom made 4x4 drawer systems and van fit outs.