Troopy Fitouts

Our Troopy Tourer Makes Living on the Road a Breeze

The Troopy Tourer fitout is the perfect blend of comfort and practicality with plenty of storage, a large bench top and comfortable bench seats that easily covert to a cosy bed. The slide-out kitchen drawer adds a touch of luxury to your outdoor cooking plus the fridge is within easy reach.

We understand that everyone’s needs are unique so that’s why we offer a range of optional extras such as a water tank, rear fold down table, free standing table, and OTS 12V power system.

Dave and Cath’s Troopy Tourer 45

Ready to hit the road in luxury.

The options Dave and Cath chose were:

  • Upright cupboard behind driver’s side seat
  • Free standing table stored under walkway.
  • 40L water tank with 12V pump
  • ARB Twin Air Compressor
  • OTS Lithium Power System
  • Victron Solar Panel on roof rack

Alan, Sue & Kenani The Dog’s Troopy Tourer 45

The Lick of Approval!

Kenani the dog approves of her Mum and Dads choice to fit her Troopy out with one of our OTS Super Trooper fit outs.

The Troopy options they chose were:

  • Side by side drawers with bench top
  • Timber finish
  • Free standing table that’s stored under the walkway
  • 40L water tank with 12V pump
  • Rear door fold down table
  • Sirocco 12V fan
  • OTS lithium power system
  • Sue also asked for darker coloured cushions to help disguise furry paw prints!

Simon’s Troopy Tourer 60

Simon’s baby is stepping out in style!

The Troopy Tourer options chosen are:

  • Upright cupboard behind driver’s side seat
  • 80L Water tank with 12v pump
  • Rear fold down table
  • 12V Sirocco fan
  • ARB Twin Compressor
  • Electric water heater
  • Rechargeable camp shower
  • OTS Power System

Quality Australian custom made 4x4 drawer systems and van fit outs.