False Floors

If you’re removing the 3rd row seats or have a vehicle with a floor unsuitable for mounting a drawer system, our custom false or hinged floors are the perfect solution. Designed for easy installation, they use existing bolt holes or minimal drilling and feature sturdy 15mm plywood construction wrapped in heavy-duty carpet for a factory-fitted look. Each floor includes tie-down points and dual access hatches for additional storage, with optional hinged floors offering gas strut assistance, safety locks, and lockable compression latches. Optimize your vehicle’s storage space with our durable, versatile flooring solutions.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Hinged Floor

Upgrade Your Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 with Our Custom Hinged Floor System

The Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2’s cargo area design poses challenges for mounting a drawer system, as the spare wheel is located under a non-fixed false floor. Additionally, the factory tie-down points are secured with small self-tapping screws, inadequate for safely restraining a fridge or drawers.

Innovative Hinged Floor Solution

We’ve invested hundreds of hours into developing a hinged floor system that addresses these issues and provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Gas Strut Assistance: Easy lifting and lowering of the floor.
  • Safety Lock: Prevents the floor from falling down unexpectedly.
  • Lockable Compression Latches: Secure the floor firmly in place.
  • Six Tie-Down Points: Ensure secure attachment of cargo.
  • Built-in Table (Optional): Adds versatility and convenience.

Robust Construction

The floor is supported by a powder-coated aluminium frame, which bolts to the vehicle using the rear seat mount bolts and two bolts through the floor in the spare wheel well. This requires drilling two 8mm holes.

Durable and Functional Design

Constructed from 15mm plywood, the floor includes a cavity for the built-in table, which also serves as a structural component to prevent twisting when only one side is loaded.

Easy Spare Wheel Access

To access your spare wheel, simply unlock the compression latches and lift the floor. Depending on the size of your fridge, you might need to remove it to avoid contact with the car roof.

Upgrade your Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 with our hinged floor system to improve functionality, safety, and convenience in your vehicle’s cargo area.

Grand Cherokee Hinged Floor Features

  • Powdercoated Aluminium frame
  • 15mm Plywood floor
  • Gas strut assisted
  • Safety locking mechanism to prevent floor from falling
  • 6 Removable tie down points
  • 2 Lockable compresion latches
  • Optional free standing table (can be purchased and fitted at a later date)
  • Total weight 20kg

Nissan Patrol Y62 False Floor

Enhance Your Patrol Y62 with Our Custom False Floor Solution

The Patrol Y62, while impressive, comes with 3rd-row seats that don’t fold completely flat, making it challenging to install rear drawers or a fridge. Our custom-designed false floor offers the perfect solution by replacing these seats and providing a stable, level surface.

Easy, Drill-Free Installation

Our Y62 false floor is designed for a straightforward installation that utilizes existing mounting holes, eliminating the need for drilling into your vehicle. This preserves the integrity of your Patrol and simplifies the installation process.

Accessible Storage Solutions

The false floor features accessible storage options:

  • Jack Storage Area: The original jack storage cavity remains accessible via two removable hatches.
  • Front Cavity: At the front of the floor, there is a large central cavity and two smaller side cavities. One of the side cavities is designated for relocating the jack and tools, ensuring they are always within reach.

For those looking to maximize utility, we offer a 40L water tank and pump kit specifically designed to fit the large cavity at the front of the floor, providing convenient water storage without sacrificing space.

Upgrade your Patrol Y62 with our false floor to enhance functionality and make the most of your vehicle’s storage capabilities.

Y62 False Floor Features

  • 15mm Plywood
  • Heavy duty carpet
  • Access hatches
  • Jack relocation
  • Bolts to existing holes
  • Total weight 17kg

Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series False Floor

Optimize Your 300 Series Landcruiser with Our Custom False Floor System

The 300 Series Landcruiser, whether configured with 5 or 7 seats, requires a false floor to properly install one of our drawer systems.

Addressing the 5-Seat Configuration

The factory floor in the 5-seat Landcruiser 300 sits too low, making it difficult to open any installed drawer system. Our custom false floor raises the height, ensuring smooth operation of the drawers.

Simplifying the 7-Seat Configuration

For the 7-seat Landcruiser 300, our drawer system can be placed directly on top of the folded 3rd row seats. However, this setup increases the weight you’re carrying. Our false floor provides a more efficient and balanced solution.

Easy Installation and Accessibility

Both versions of our false floors are designed for easy installation, utilizing existing bolt holes. This allows for a simple, one-person setup. Each floor includes two access hatches, offering convenient storage space for infrequently used items like spare parts and recovery gear.

Upgrade your 300 Series Landcruiser with our custom false floor system to improve functionality and make the most of your vehicle’s storage capacity.

Landcruiser 300 False Floor Features

  • 15mm plywood
  • Heavy duty carpet
  • Access hatches
  • Removable tie downs
  • Bolts to existing bolt holes
  • Total weight 12kg

Isuzu Mux False Floor

Transform Your Isuzu MUX with Our Custom False Floor System

The Isuzu MUX, available only as a 7-seater, requires the removal of the 3rd row to install a drawer system. Our custom false floor is the perfect solution for this upgrade.

Premium Construction and Design

Crafted from 15mm plywood and wrapped in heavy-duty carpet, our MUX false floor seamlessly blends with your vehicle’s interior, giving it a factory-fitted appearance.

Practical Features

The false floor includes standard features such as:

  • Tie-Down Points: Secure your cargo safely.
  • Two Access Hatches: Utilize the space beneath the floor for additional storage.

Easy Installation

Our false floor is designed for easy, one-person installation, using existing bolt holes and eliminating the need for drilling.

Upgrade your Isuzu MUX with our custom false floor system to enhance storage capabilities and achieve a professional, integrated look.

MUX False Floor Features

  • 15mm plywood
  • Heavy duty carpet
  • Access hatches
  • Removable tie downs
  • Bolts to existing bolt holes
  • Total weight 12kg

Ford Everest False Floor

Upgrade Your Ford Everest with Our Custom False Floor System

The Ford Everest, available as a 7-seater, offers limited options for installing a drawer system without removing the 3rd row seats. Our custom false floor provides the ideal solution for enhancing your vehicle’s storage capabilities.

High-Quality Construction

Our false floor for the Ford Everest is made from durable 15mm plywood and covered in robust carpet, ensuring it looks like a factory-installed option while providing excellent durability and style.

Functional Features

Key features of our false floor include:

  • Secure Tie-Down Points: Ensure your cargo remains stable and secure during transit.
  • Dual Access Hatches: Make use of the space beneath the floor for additional storage, perfect for items you need but don’t use frequently.

Simple, Drill-Free Installation

Designed for ease of installation, our false floor uses existing bolt holes in your Ford Everest, allowing for a straightforward, one-person setup without the need for any drilling.

Transform your Ford Everest with our custom false floor system to optimize storage space and achieve a sleek, integrated appearance.

Everest False Floor Features

  • 15mm plywood
  • Heavy duty carpet
  • Access hatches
  • Removable tie downs
  • Bolts to existing bolt holes
  • Total weight 12kg

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