2 Drawer Flush Slide

The perfect solution for those of us that need to use the vehicle for everyday use.

Our flush slide creates a practical surface when the fridge is not needed.


  • 2 x Drawers on polyethylene slides
  • Flush Fridge Slide above drawer of choice
  • Lockable stainless steel drop T latch
  • Removable side wings
  • Fixed wing faces
  • Heavy duty carpet – charcoal
  • Aluminium protection strip on front edge​
*We also offer the option of having either two flush slides, one above each drawer, or a single full-width slide that spans across both drawers. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about pricing for these additional options

Matt's Mitsubishi Pajero

We have designed our drawer system to suit a Pajero, which allows access to the under storage through removable hatches – see our video below!
Matt’s system includes a wing kit and free-standing table that can be used as a bench- handy for when pulling over for a quick stop by the side of the road.


Check out the 2 Drawer Flush Slide System in a Pajero, with removable hatches to access the under storage.

Julie's Toyota Hilux

​Julie’s Two Drawer Flush Slide was built for a Waeco 70L, she also has a free-standing table that can be used as a bench, even when the drawer is opened, making finding items a breeze.

Laurie's Toyota Landcruiser 300

​An OTS false floor starts the build, then followed with a two-drawer flush slide, and table. The slide was designed and built for an Evakool 80L fridge freezer.

Casey's Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

​Casey needed a slide for his Kings 75L but the convenience of a flush surface for everyday use. Also included is a free-standing table that can be used as a bench.

Paige Khouri's Prado 150

Quality Australian custom made 4x4 drawer systems and van fit outs.