2 Drawer Recessed Slide

Say goodbye to fridge accessibility challenges

Say goodbye to fridge accessibility challenges with this clever design featuring a recessed fridge slide positioned above a shallow drawer. This clever arrangement ensures that accessing your fridge is a breeze, providing you with the convenience you need on your travels.


  • 2 x Drawers on polyethylene slides, 1 standard and 1 shallow
  • Recessed Fridge Slide above drawer of choice
  • Lockable stainless steel drop T latch
  • Removable side wings
  • Fixed wing faces
  • Heavy duty carpet – charcoal
  • Aluminium protection strip on front edge

Yvonne & Allans' Ford Territory

​The ideal solution for travel and everyday use.

This Two Drawer Recessed Slide also includes and fridge surround and infill panel to cover the fridge space when its not needed.

Tim's Mitsubishi Pajero

​The lower drawer makes fridge access a breeze.

The two storage drawers make your camping and touring tidy and hassle free. The free-standing table that can be used as a bench, even with the slide pulled out, takes the convenience to a new level.

Grant's Mitsubishi Pajero

Quality Australian custom made 4x4 drawer systems and van fit outs.