Interchangeable System

Transform your vehicle as you need it.

Easily switch between a practical fridge surround for camping and an sleek infill panel for everyday use.

Standard Features:

  • 1 x Drawer on polyethylene slides
  • Lockable stainless steel drop T latch
  • Fridge slide – passenger or driver’s side
  • 4 x Tie Down Points on Slide
  • Infill Panel
  • Fridge Surround
  • Removable side wings
  • Fixed wing faces
  • Heavy duty carpet – charcoal
  • Aluminium protection strip on front edge

Mazda BT50 Custom Drawer System

Kerry's Dmax

Included in Kerry’s fit out is a free-standing table under the slide which can be used as a bench, even with the slide pulled out making it easy to take items out of the fridge.

We also installed one of our OTS Power Systems designed specifically for his needs.

Tommy & Sue's Prado 150

Another Interchangeable Fridge Box Drawer System, this time in Tommy & Sues Prado 150.

Once again, we also installed an OTS Power System with a slim line Cangoee battery that fits seamlessly to the rear of the drawer system allowing easy access.

Marty's D Max

​Marty’s chose to have both a pull-out bench under the fridge slide and a free-standing table under the storage drawer (this can also be used as a bench).

The storage box behind the fridge gives him even more storage. One of our OTS power systems, specifically designed for his needs was also included and fitted under the side wing.

Quality Australian custom made 4x4 drawer systems and van fit outs.