Drawer Fridge and Drawer

Looking for the perfect fridge setup that combines easy access and ample storage space?

Look no further! Our Drawer Fridge and Drawer system is winning hearts as one of our most popular designs.

With systems to suit the Evakool 40L or Engel, Dometic, Kings or XTM 30L drawer fridge you’re sure to love how convenient it is to have a fridge in your car all the time while still having plenty of space for luggage.
This is the lightest 4WD drawer and fridge setup on the market that doesn’t sacrifice strength or quality. From just 40kg plus fridge and accessories, you’ll still have weight available for all your camping gear, food and drinks!
We have systems to suit all the popular 4WD wagons including Nissan Patrol Y61 and Y62, Toyota Landcruiser 200 and 300, Prado 150, Mitsubishi Pajero, Isuzu MUX, Jeep Grand Cherokee and also dual cab utes including Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50, Isuzu DMax, VW Amarok and Toyota Hilux.
You can choose any of our options and accessories to make your fitout perfect for your needs. There’s removable side wings, a free standing table/ pullout bench that’s stored either in the base of the drawer or above the fridge, hidden water tank, removable or fixed sleeping platform, 12V Slimline Lithium battery, compressor and more.

Standard Features:

  • 1 x Drawer on polyethylene slides (similar to teflon)
  • Lockable stainless steel drop T latch
  • Evakool Platinum 40L Drawer Fridge/ Freezer or Engel Drawer Fridge 30L
  • Heavy duty carpet – charcoal
  • 9 x Tie down points
  • Aluminium protection strip on front edge

Scarlet's Nissan Patrol Y61

Scarlet wanted to be fully independent with the freedom to take off down the beach or to the bush.
Her Drawer Fridge and Drawer system also includes a removable sleeping platform, built in water tank behind the drawer with electric pump, free standing table that slides out from above the fridge, OTS 12V Slimline Lithium battery, solar panel mounted on the roof and compressor fitted in the wing storage area. Lots of fun times ahead!

Kerry's Isuzu MUX

Ready for adventures, both big and small.

On top of an OTS false floor we built a Drawer Fridge & Drawer System with removable sleeping platform and table. The OTS Power System provides for all the electrical needs.

Andrew's Landcruiser 300

This 300 series is set up perfectly for touring. As with all our LC300 builds we started with a false floor that includes 2 hatches to access the cavity below. There’s an Evakool 40L drawer fridge, a large storage drawer with a pullout bench, removable side wings and space for a slimline battery at the rear of the unit.

Quality Australian custom made 4x4 drawer systems and van fit outs.